Nursing Home Abuse/Negligence & Abuse of Vulnerable Individuals


Helping elder and vulnerable individuals harmed by their care providers


The number of nursing home claims has dramatically increased in the recent years because so many of our elder family members are living longer and requiring long-term care. With increased patients comes increased care givers. Like most medical fields, there are standards of care that care givers must follow. When a care giver is not giving the proper care to a resident, it may be considered negligence. There is no reason our parents and grandparents must suffer because a care giver does not do their job correctly. Call our office today to explore your options if you or a loved one has been the victim of abuse or neglect in a nursing home or other care facility.

Representative Case

The Rayburn Law Office represented a young woman who was hospitalized for psychological counseling. While in the care of the hospital, one of her providers took advantage of her emotionally vulnerable state. As a result of this abuse of trust a claim was presented and confidentially settled between the parties.

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