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Whistle-blower Claims


The term whistle-blower has been generally used as a derogatory term for an employee airing the misdeeds of their employer. The truth is, a whistle-blower is a morally strong person with a keen sense of integrity who reports an employer's misconduct internally or to the appropriate public agency. Whistle-blowers often face retaliation after reporting what they believe to be illegal conduct by their employer. The Rayburn Law Office can help those individuals who have been retaliated against.

Misconduct by employers may be classified in many ways. Generally there is a violation of a law, rule, regulation or a direct threat to the public interest, such as waste, fraud, theft from the government or a corporation, health and safety violations, patient abuse or neglect, falsification of business records or sometimes corruption. Standing by and allowing this misconduct would probably be the easy thing to do, but for the courageous few, reporting it is the right thing to do.

Oregon employees may bring a claim against an employer if that employee was disciplined, demoted or terminated for refusing to engage in the illegal conduct or after reporting the employer's illegal conduct to a manager or to an outside public agency. If you or someone you know has been retaliated against for blowing the whistle on an employer, you are entitled to recover damages for any loss of earnings, emotional distress, punitive damages, and other benefits lost as a result of the retaliation. Employers also have to pay for the employee's attorney's fees and costs if the claim is substantiated

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