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Pedestrian Accidents


Pedestrians are one of, if not the most vulnerable people on the road today. This vulnerability provides you some special protections under Oregon law. In 2007, the Oregon legislature passed what are now called "vulnerable user laws." These laws help protect those who are not protected by the security of an automobile because they are at the highest risk for serious injury. In 2007 alone, almost 75,000 pedestrians were injured or killed in traffic accidents throughout the United States. If you or someone you know has been injured as a pedestrian, contact the Rayburn Law Office to find out what your options are. Email or call one of our attorneys today.

Insurance coverage is often a big concern when someone is injured as a pedestrian. Under Oregon law, a driver's PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage should cover the medical bills of a pedestrian injured in a traffic accident. Don't waste your time and resources trying to figure these things out on your own, let an experienced professional help guide you through this stressful process while you focus on recovery.

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